December 21, 2008

Wonderful smell and look for your Christmas Tree

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Part of the fun of Christmas is picking out a great Christmas tree. I have always enjoyed having a real tree each year. “I love the smell of a real Christmas tree“! Though now days there are some very nice artificial trees as well as sprays you can buy to make your artificial tree smell almost real.

If you decide to buy a real tree, here are a few simple thoughts about selecting a real tree. Remember when choosing your tree to bend the needles between your fingers, if the needles break then the tree is to dry. You don’t want a tree that is to dry from the start because it will never make it safely through the holiday. Look at the trunk of the tree where it was cut to see if it is sticky! This can tell you at times how long the tree has been cut. You can also pick the tree up and tap the tree on the ground (tree should be in a standing up position when tapped) if the needles fall off then the tree is to dry. You should select a different tree. “Remember older dried out trees will catch fire and burn much faster” so you should always look for a fresh cut well watered tree. Christmas trees with thicker needles will take longer to dry out and will last longer than thinner needled trees.

There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree! Remember when choosing your tree that they always look smaller than they really are when they are outside. When you bring the tree into your home you start wondering where you will put it, once inside the tree sure looks a lot larger than it did outside. I remember one year when I selected a tree, got it home and we had to cut some off the top of the tree as well as from the bottom of the tree in order to make the tree fit in the house. I guess that tree looked a lot smaller when it was outside (smile).

Remember when you bring your chosen tree home you should always cut two inches off the bottom of your tree trunk, by doing this you will have fresher wood and the tree will drink water faster and better. This will help to keep the tree watered and the tree won’t dry out quite as fast. Remember to water your tree every day. An average six foot tree can and usually does drink a gallon of water a day. Your tree stand should hold at least a gallon of water! There are bigger tree stands that hold more than a gallon of water at a time but it is best even with a bigger stand that holds more water to still check the water everyday. A wet tree is a happy tree!

Be sure when placing your tree in your home to keep the tree away from any heat source such as heat vents, space heaters and fireplaces. Never place candles, lanterns or any other lit item near your tree. When decorating your tree: rather it be real or artificial, always check your light strands before putting them on your tree just to be sure they are safe to use and have no electrical problems from frayed wires or damaged plugs.

Always think safety first! Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Remember to keep your trees watered


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