December 21, 2008

Continue Fat Loss on Holiday!

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I know how you feel looking at that darn scale. You are very disgusted, angry, disappointed and ready to throw those scales out the window. Let’s not despair,  help is right around the corner. Even if the holidays are upon us. Keep reading and I will give you steps that will help you start losing those unwanted pounds during the holidays or at least keep the scales where they are. Here we go.

Make a decision that you will continue weight loss during the holidays or at least hold what you have without gaining. As you make this decision you need a few tools to help you stay on track. Some tools are a journal to log your food, a calorie counting book, and a scale. Yes, you are reading correctly – a scale. You will use this to weight yourself weekly to make sure you’re on track as well as to take your starting weight. As you make your decision, you can also decide where you’re going with your weight loss plan.

Now, make a plan that will help you accomplish your weight goal. First of all, watch your portions. As a matter of fact, cut everything that you eat into half portions. Write it in your journal and include the number of calories per serving. Try to keep your caloric intake at 1500 or lower. If you’re going to a celebration; plan ahead by deciding to eat more fruit, vegetables and protein and less sugar, starches and fats. It is also a good idea to eat something such as a bowl of vegetable soup or some other low calorie snacks before you go to the party. This will keep you from overeating.

If you fall off your eating plan, don’t beat yourself up; just get back on your plan right away. Don’t put it off. The longer you stay off the plan, the harder it is to get back on it.

Follow the plan. Now that you have a workable plan, you have to follow it. Be patient with yourself and work toward your goals. Remember to weight weekly and record your weight and keep a daily log of your food. If you plan is not working and you are continuing to gain weight then you must modify your plan until you see results. The key here is to lose weight or maintain your existing weight during the holidays.

Ok, you have what it takes to accomplish your weight goals during the holiday. To loose weight or not gain weight, all you need to do is decide that you are going to accomplish your maintenance or weight loss goals, devise and implement a workable plan, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and labor. Then, when everyone is complaining about how much they gained during the holidays, you can proudly exclaim, I did not gain weight this holiday season.” Good luck and Happy Holidays.


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