December 13, 2008

How to have a beautiful and soft hand?

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I have had a really hard time keeping my hands from drying out especially in the winter. My daughter and her friends were playing around in the kitchen one day and started making face mask and hair mask. They decided they wanted to try some stuff on there hands as well and started mixing and playing till they found something they liked. Well I had to help them to get it right and this is the recipe we came up with and it works great. With this recipe you can use it once a day or when ever you feel your hands are getting rough. This recipe also works great on your feet as well. It is like having your own spa at home. It is so much cheaper and most of the things you already have sitting in your cabinets either in the bathroom or in your kitchen.


Things you’ll need:


Step 1

Wash your hands really good with a gentle soap such as dove.


Pour some white sugar in the palm of your hand scrub your hands for 2 minutes.


Rinse hands well and dry them good. Take the oil and put it on your hands like you would lotion put the plastic gloves on and soak your hands in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes trying not to get water into the gloves.


Remove gloves and wash your hands with a gentle soap and apply lotion.


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